Wood – a sustainable material

Being renewable, recyclable, resource-efficient, and carbon-neutral, wood as a material has a given place in a sustainable society. When managed sustainably, forests are able to provide society with an inexhaustible source of renewable raw material. At the same time, growing forests sequester carbon dioxide, thus reducing the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Romania is one of the most important exporting countries for hardwood and softwood. Due to its location, right in the center of Romania, surrounded by great forests of coniferous, oak and beech species, SW MILLER &CO has got the organizational capability to supply quality products according to international standards. The spruce, fir, pine or construction timber is one of the main export products of our company.

With highly qualified staff in the technical and commercial area, responsive and adaptable to customer requests, SW MILLER &CO is always available to match their demands through professionalism and viable solutions.


Woodthat is processed into beams and planks, a process of wood production.


It has a more complex structure than softwood and is a slower growing type.


The widest and richest range of exotic wood species from countries of origin.